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Meet the Law Firm behind Grad Docs MeyerPink Law

GradDocs, powered by MeyerPink Law, was conceived out of a real-life necessity by parents who, like you, faced the unique challenges and legal hurdles of raising young adults. 

Founders Brandon Meyer and Jay Pink, both legal professionals and parents of 18-year-olds and teens, understand the intricacies that surround this critical transition phase.


Our Story, Your Peace of Mind

Our experience as parents and attorneys intersected in a powerful way when we encountered a family faced with an emergency but unable to access their young adult’s medical records. That realization spurred us to action. We knew the helplessness they experienced, particularly during a crisis, should never be part of any parent’s journey.

As we prepared for our own child’s transition to college, we wanted to extend our legal expertise to other families. Thus, GradDocs was born – a tailored legal package designed to equip parents in California with the essential tools to support their newly adult children, especially in emergency situations. GradDocs is more than just legal documents, it’s an investment in peace of mind as your child steps into adulthood.

GradDocs: Empowering Parents in the Journey of Young Adulthood

Navigating Legal Transitions with Confidence and Care

Unforeseen Circumstances Mitigated

GradDocs addresses the unexpected challenges of young adulthood, providing a comprehensive package of essential legal documents that empower parents to act swiftly and legally in the best interests of their child.

Expertly Crafted and Parent-Tested

Created by experienced legal professionals who are parents of young adults themselves, GradDocs balances legal precision with a deeply empathetic understanding of parental concerns.

More than Documents, A Peace of Mind

GradDocs isn't just about providing legal documents. It's about offering parents the assurance that they are legally prepared to protect and assist their young adult in any situation, ensuring a seamless transition into adulthood.

Don't let the legal transition into adulthood catch you off guard

Arm Yourself With The Legal Documents To Ease This Stage.​

Use of this site constitutes acceptance of our Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. GradDocs, a service brought to you by MeyerPink Law, is a California-specific, attorney-prepared, legal documentation package assisting with the transition into young adulthood. While we offer high-quality, personalized services, we do not replace legal counsel or advice. Specific legal advice is avilable by contacting MeyerPink Law, APC to discuss your issue.

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